Pools of Light Twist Ring

Pools of Light Twist Ring


“Capturing something elusive like beauty, a sentiment, or a feeling is challenging enough, but capturing light, air, a whisper of time is even more difficult...
This is my take on a modern Pools of Light ring, which has taken months to perfect...to get the balance of the metal just right to enhance and capture the light within the glass lens, to add a touch of femininity with the subtle twist in the band...
Pools of light are magical, surreal adornments refracting the light in such a way that the stones seem to glow from within. This is my take on classic, effortless, timeless beauty.”

Made from a round glass lens encased within brass.
The ring has a modernist, minimalist feel.
The glass lens measures 1.5cm diameter and the brass band is twisted to create a fluid, slightly surrealist shape.

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Each piece is made by hand so will be unique and may differ slightly from the image shown.
Due to the "twist" design of the band the size of the ring will be approximate but we will do our best to make it as close as possible to your requirement.

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