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Mirus Lab founder Maria Sole Cortese is a jewellery designer, artisan and artist, working and living in New York City. She creates collectable, heirlooms and keepsakes that are utterly unique and handmade with utmost attention to detail in her little laboratorium in the sky. Mirus Lab pieces are usually one of a kind, incorporating original antiques and vintage items that form part of our curated collections.

Capturing fleeting moments in time.

Maria Sole’s work is inspired by the past, and captures a fleeting moment in time, a personal sentiment, a unique memory. She loves Victoriana, especially Memento Mori, Georgian sentimental rings and Lover’s Eyes jewellery. She has been obsessed with lockets and collecting antiques and curios ever since she can remember, scavenging flea markets and antique shops all over the world. An obsession turned passion that keeps her busy into the little hours of the night.

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A magpie, weaving stories into each piece.

Maria Sole was born in Italy and recently moved to New York City from London where she studied at Central St. Martin’s College of Art & Design and where her love for Victorian jewellery first began. Her career first started in the theatre working as a sculptor and set and costume designer, evolving eventually as a creative director in the luxury and beauty industries. The move to New York has given her time to focus on Mirus Lab and inspired her to always carry a little bit of Victorian London close to her heart.

Ultimately she is a magpie and a bit of dreamer, collecting, cataloguing and weaving stories into each of her pieces just like the stories of the theatre and of each wearer of her jewellery.


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